Feature Comparison for all
Above Ground Markers

Feature Mag-Only

no longer available

with Extreme Temperature Kit

Magnetic pig

Yes Yes Yes
22Hz (ELF) pig (continuous signal required) No Yes Yes
Good for multiple runs Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Magnetic and 22Hz (ELF) detection No Yes Yes
Prioritize Magnetic or 22Hz (ELF) detection No Yes Yes
Good for mixed 22Hz (ELF) and Magnetic runs No Yes Yes
Internal Yes Yes Yes
Optional external sensor No Yes Yes
Automatic internal/external sensor detection No  Yes  Yes
Triggered individual ELF or magnetic passes Yes Yes Yes
Triggered Continuous ELF or Magnetic Recording up to 500 hours (depending on memory card size)  No  Yes Yes
22Hz (ELF) CHANNEL      
Receiver frequency tunable range 10Hz to 30Hz No Yes Yes
Tunable without a computer No No No
Bandwidth adjustable for improved S/N No Yes Yes
ELF receiver crystal controlled stability  No Yes Yes
Signal strength indicator No Yes Yes
Can be used to locate a stuck pig with a computer. No Yes  Yes 
Built in 16 mega-byte memory card Yes Yes Yes
Records the entire analog data Yes Yes Yes
Organize different pass files in project folders Yes Yes Yes
Files are saved in Windows compatible format Yes Yes Yes
Capacity to store thousands of passes Yes Yes Yes
All settings and data download to PC by wireless link Yes Yes Yes
Connect to Cell Phone for remote tracking   Yes Yes Yes
Feature Mag-Only DM3
with Extreme Temperature Kit
Automatic clock synchronization to GPS  Yes Yes Yes
Records GPS position in each pass file Yes Yes Yes
Records other GPS data in pass file Yes Yes Yes
Synchronize the PC clock to GPS   Yes Yes Yes
Can be set to use just the real time clock at locations where GPS is not available Yes Yes Yes
Requires Computer for tracking a pig No No No
Requires Computer for setup Preferred Preferred Preferred
Wireless connection Yes Yes Yes
Fast setup cloning for each AGM Yes *1 Yes Yes
AGM_PC_BT.exe setup program included in purchase price.
Setup program requires Windows XP® (SP2 or greater) or Vista®
Yes Yes Yes
Cell phone (SmartPhone®) program (extra cost)  Yes Yes Yes
AGM_PC.exe Post Run pass selection and report generator included in purchase price Yes Yes Yes
Feature Mag-Only DM3
with Extreme Temperature Kit
LCD Display with back-light No see note *2 Yes
Three colored LED Yes Yes *2 No
Audio indicator No Yes Yes
A compatible cell phone can also be used as a status indicator: Optional Software required.  Yes Yes* Yes*
Standard feature uses magnetic key (supplied) Yes No No
Waterproof (IP65) Push Switch Optional Yes Yes
Alkaline cell size AA** D*** D***
Optional Lithium cell holder for cell size  AA AA, D AA, D
Optional other Battery boards for cell size No C, AA C, AA
Expected Battery life in days. Assuming pre-placement mode in moderate climate. 160 days 150 days 150 days
Feature Mag-Only DM3
with Extreme Temperature Kit
Full range:     -40ºF to 185ºF (-40ºC to +85ºC) Yes Yes No
Limited range  -8ºF to 158ºF ( -22ºC to +70ºC) Yes Yes Yes
FCC, CE, ICES-003 industry Canada Yes Yes Yes
Polycarbonate or ABS (Polycarbonate standard) Choice Choice Choice
Tough will tolerate rugged harsh environment Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof (IP65 or better) Yes Yes Yes

* Coming soonAGM with built in GSM wireless modem for automatic pig passage  and status reporting by email or Text Message

** Mag-Only uses only four (4) AA cells and enjoys 160 days minimum continuous operation when pre-deployed  in moderate temperature climate.

*** Uses only two (2) D-cell batteries and enjoys 150 days minimum continuous operation when pre-deployed in moderate temperature climate.  Longer battery life means you really can:
- Avoid time-consuming unit retrieval for battery replacement when reruns or multiple runs are required.
- Place units at your convenience, in difficult terrain. You could even use a cell phone connection and be notified when the pig(s) pass each location. 
- Reduce cost: It is not unusual to pre-deploy 50 AGM units on a job. Let's assume because of multiple tool runs the job lasts 60 days:  sizing pig, caliper pig, and Magnetic ILI tool, etc.   After the runs are complete and AGMs have been retrieved, the cost of the D-cells is about $100 for the job, and you can easily carry the 100 used D-cells (weight about 32 lbs) to the recycle bin. 

*1 New Version of MagOnly allows Settings to be cloned.

*2 Extreme Temperature Kit allows the customer to remove the LCD Display behind the window, replacing it with a plug-in LED Status Board with Three-Colored LED Status Indicators that can operate at temperatures where an LCD Display would fail. 


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