An AGM for all Seasons and Climates -
Dual Mode
Above Ground Marker with display 

New real-time !   View pig passing REALTIME from laptop. 

video of Magnetic and ELF passes:   mag_elf_video.mp4   size 1.62 MB

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Pipeline Pig Tracking Equipment

     with wireless technology

New real-time !   View pig passing REALTIME from laptop. 

video of Magnetic and ELF passes:   Mag_Elf_.wmv   (in Media Player) 811 KB

or download sample as .zip file:     Mag_Elf_.zip   560 KB


  • Fast operation - only one switch with LCD text status display. 
  • The ELF receiver channel is fully tunable in frequency range 10Hz to 30Hz with digital tuning, crystal accuracy and stability. Ensures the AGM is "On Frequency" at all times.
  • Improved signal to noise ratio means better ability to detect pigs in deeper pipelines, and fewer false passes.
  • Selectable ELF receiver Bandwidth handles Pulsing and Continuous transmitters.
  • Automatic Magnetic or 22Hz (ELF Receiver) pig pass logging with ability to prioritize magnetic or 22Hz (ELF) pass logging.
  • Detect different (batch) pigs in the same pipeline and know which pig just passed. 
  • Wireless link for control and data file download (no cables required).
  • Easy to use:  No computer required for field operation.  
  • Change settings using a Computer Program.
  • Setup and control by wireless computer link using Windows XP®(SP2) and a USB wireless adapter such as the Model KC-USB
  • Accuracy assured with Automatic Synchronization to GPS clock. 
  • Pig Passage data are saved to the onboard 1 giga-byte memory card with ample space to save thousands of passes -- ideal for multiple runs.
  • Pass data files are organized into folders so data from separate runs can be saved in different folders.  Files are saved in Windows® compatible format.
  • Very long battery life. Expect 150 days on two alkaline D cells.
  • Waterproof (IP65 or better).  Good for multiple runs.   
  • DM3 with Display operating temperature range -8°F to 158°F (-22°C to +70°C).
  • DM3 may be converted for temperature range -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to +85°C) with the optional Extreme Temperature Kit.  At temperatures below -4°F (-20°C), Lithium cells are needed. 
  • Notification that Pig passed with or without a computer.
  • Local Pig Passage Event notification  i.e. AGM to Truck, range up to 30+ feet, requires laptop or Remote Display AlarmSmartphone® cell phone program for remote monitoring also available. 
  • Optional external sensor.
  • Small easy to carry.  6 1/4" x 3 1/8" x 3 3/8"  (16cm x 8cm x 8.6cm).  
  • DM3 weighs  2 lbs 10 oz with batteries (1.19 kilograms). 


Easy-to-carry Dual-Mode AGMs in vinyl case with soft nylon strap - simple to stack and transport.


With the optional Extreme Temperature Kit installed, an LED board is plugged in to replace the LCD Display behind the window, so the AGM can be used in extreme temperatures. 
Can be converted back to a DM3 with display at any time.
  above-ground-marker-dm3-dimensions.jpg Model DM3
Above Ground Marker with display


For very deep pipe locations, two types of external sensors are available:

1.  Model HGS-2:  external high-gain ELF sensor

2.  Swamp Sensor:  for magnetic or ELF.  Cable length 12 feet or as required when ordered 

     (max 300 feet)


Model DM3 AGM with HGS-2 connected:


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